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Wedding Photoshoot

chapter five

05 - the communication suite

When should you send your invitations?  Are people still sending Save the Dates?  What is the best format, digital or print?  And do you really need a wedding website?  All these questions and more as we dive into Chapter Five, or as we like to refer to it, the Communication Suite.

Decorated Event Table


The Communication Suite - otherwise known as Save the Dates, Invitations and Wedding Websites.  Let's not forget about event signage, that one is important, almost equally important as your seating chart and reception program.  Ready?!  Let's dive in!

Wedding Table Setting


Now that you have made a list of the communication pieces that you need it is time to get working on creating them.  As we do, we have put together a few worksheets to help you design printworks that are both dazzling and informative ... because  the whole intent is that they are communicative right...we don't want anyone late, lost, confused or wearing the wrong shoes .

Wedding Decor

IN our humble opinion

Yes, it is a bit of work to build a wedding website but trust us when we say it is worth it.  Short term pain for long term pain on this one.  Still not convinced?  Read on and here is hoping we can make a believer out of you, plus we added in links to our favorite FREE sites to help you build yours.



If we took a vote, it is very likely that we would find ourselves at a draw.  There is a lot of debate around this one so we have put together a list of Pros + Cons to help you decide what works for you.

Wedding Table Arrangement

feature find


DIY Brides, this one is for you!  If you are designing your own wedding stationary but lack, how do we say it, a certain crafting competence, then you need to hit up this site tout suite!


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