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Weddings are expensive. A ridiculous understatement right? Having been down the aisle ourselves we understand this firsthand and have designed a flexible pricing structure with this in mind.  The last thing we want is to contribute to any stress wrinkles.

So for starters, we offer all potential clients a two week holding period on up to two dates. This means we will secure your date without a deposit while we chat wedding details and next steps.  Clients then have an additional two weeks from the date the contract is signed to provide us with a 20% non refundable deposit, with the remaining balance due in 2x subsequent installments. We also offer a payment plan option to those needing a bit more space and grace when it comes to wedding finances. 

You can upgrade your package or add on a service at any time provided you have given us reasonable notice.  Many couples will book one of our more basic packages as a starting point and build from there once they have a better idea of what exactly they need come wedding day.  We pride ourselves in being flexible - you tell us what you need and we will hold up the sky to make it happen.


And what about Covid?  The big, scary, unpredictable elephant in the room. It would not be a 'new age' wedding if we did not address Covid and how we are managing cancelled or postponed weddings. Firstly, we offer a number of different wedding packages and can scale our service up, or par it down if Covid interrupts your original plans, provided we have a reasonable amount of notice.  We also offer a straight event set up / take down package which is a terrific option throughout these crazy Covid times.

We do still require a non-refundable deposit of 20% to secure your date and our services.  In the event your wedding is postponed, we will honor the booking on an alternate date provided we have the availability. The deposit is also transferable.  If we are not able to accommodate your new date or should you cancel your wedding plans all together, then you can transfer your deposit and the respective booking to another couple. We will even post the opening on our social media to help you get the word out. 

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