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set it all up + take it all down

To say that Covid has had an impact on the wedding industry would be the understatement of the year.  Our hearts go out to all the couples and vendors who had to alter their wedding plans in what seemed like an instant and come up with elegant Plan Bs and Plan Cs amidst all the craziness that shook out worldwide.

That said, the pandemic was living, breathing proof that Love is never cancelled.  The industry came together and between the brilliant creatives, the meticulous planners and our resilient love birds, a new chapter of weddings rose up from the chaos.  Micro Weddings, Elopements, the Minimony - call it as you like, but small gatherings became the new thing and we created a wedding package to suit.

Introducing The Essentials, a package designed for couples tying the knot during these crazy Covid times.  With a smaller guest list you likely don't need a full fledged wedding coordinator but it is still your wedding day and you don't want to fret about who is going to set up the signing table, or worse, carry all those chairs back inside after the ceremony. 


All you need is a little help with the event set up and the take down.  You can count on us to be at the venue first thing, coordinating deliveries and liaising with vendors, and to set out all your beautiful decorations + event rentals


Need help after the event? No problem - we also offer Event Take Down. With this service we return when the event is through to gather up and put away all your decorations and personal items as well as to sort out the tables, chairs and any event rentals that need to be organized for pick up.

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  • Oversee event set up and act as main point of contact for wedding vendors

  • Arrange tables, chairs and rentals according to floor plan

  • Set out decorations, signage, centerpieces, favors and any other décor items

  • Flip event space and prepare for cocktail hour and wedding reception

  • Package wedding gifts and load into the designated vehicle / facility storage space

  • Clean up decorations, floral, favors, centerpieces and any personal items

  • Gather and inventory external rentals (linens, tableware + general décor pieces)

  • Package up wedding cake / specialty desserts for take away

investment - $2,500 to $2,800 / includes classic decor package

Upgrade to Signature Decor Collection $300

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