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Weddings are truly a special occasion.  They are a celebration of the love and commitment a marriage symbolizes and a day we share with our family and closest friends.  Our wedding day is a milestone in our life story and an experience we carry with us forever.

Memorable weddings are about creating an event that is unique and personalized while incorporating those certain details that focus on guest experience.  That said, they are equally about staying on budget, managing timelines and organizing endless event logistics.  


Wedding planning can be all consuming and stressful.  In fact, many couples get so caught up that they are not able to enjoy one of the biggest days of their lives.   We tailor our services to match the level of involvement our clients are seeking and support them by taking on much of the heavy lifting throughout the months leading up to and of course on their wedding day, 


We offer individual services as well as wedding packages to suit your specific needs and budget.  With an eye for detail, a savvy for logistics and a network of premier vendors, we excel in creating memorable weddings for both the happy couple and their guests.


weddings are

a day for


supporting our clients

working together

We always start with a free consultation.  This allows our clients an opportunity to meet us face to face, see our full portfolio and to learn more about who we are and what we do.  From here we shift focus to their wedding plans, what their vision is and how we can best support them on their big day.  Next we create The Proposal and once approved, it's off to work we go. 

We offer a diverse portfolio of services and no matter the investment, our focus is always on learning about who you are as a couple, seeing your vision and understanding your budget.  Every couple is unique and the best way for us to weave your story into your wedding plans is to get to know you.  We invest a lot of time upfront learning about your engagement, your family & friends, the wedding party and of course what details are most important to you.  We ensure budgets are respected and we offer our clients guidance on what to prioritize as well as creative ways to execute The Pinterest Wedding without breaking the bank.

Our work is built on relationships and we are committed to supporting our clients through the beast that can be wedding planning.  Last minute changes, 2am phone calls, a shoulder to cry on - we got you and are will be there every step of the way, rain or shine.

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